[cvs] commit: framework/Notification Notification.php framework/Notification/Notification Listener.php framework/Notification/Notification/Listener javascript.php mobile.php status.php

Jon Parise jon at horde.org
Sun Mar 7 00:18:18 PST 2004

jon         2004/03/07 00:18:18 PST

  Modified files:
    Notification         Notification.php 
    Notification/Notification Listener.php 
    Notification/Notification/Listener javascript.php mobile.php 
  Introducing an (optional) array of flags that can be pushed onto the
  message stack alongside the event.
  The flags are represented by strings that follow a simple namespace
  convention.  At the moment, only the 'markup.' namespace is used.  If no
  flags are specified, the 'markup.plain' flag is set.
  The listeners have been updated to behave according to these flags.  The
  'mobile' and 'javascript' listeners now always strip tags and encode
  entities found in the message text.  The 'status' listener will only
  encode entities if 'markup.plain' is specified.
  While the basic plumbing is stable, I would consider the flags and their
  behaviors to be subject to change.  For example, instead of using flags to
  describe the content of the event text, it might make sense to have them
  control the types of conversions that should be performed.  More
  discussion on this topic will be needed before this part of the API
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.40      +10 -4     framework/Notification/Notification.php
  1.9       +26 -2     framework/Notification/Notification/Listener.php
  1.5       +7 -3      framework/Notification/Notification/Listener/javascript.php
  1.6       +7 -3      framework/Notification/Notification/Listener/mobile.php
  1.19      +10 -3     framework/Notification/Notification/Listener/status.php

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