[dev] IMP: Show localized INBOX-name instead of "INBOX"?

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at linuxquebec.com
Mon Jun 7 12:17:40 PDT 2004

Eric Rostetter wrote:
> No no no.  Just because people wrongly think that "blacklist" is a racist
> term doesn't mean that there is a need to change it (rather there is a need
> to educate people about the term).  Just because people don't understand
> that INBOX is a reserved IMAP name doesn't mean we should change it (but
> rather education people again about IMAP).

I am not really interested in starting a flame war, but I would like to 
point some weakness in your reasonning.  I know this is pretty useless 
as people position are pretty firm, but it must said nonetheless.

First, INBOX is a word that make sense in English but not necessarily in 
other language.  It stick out pretty bad when all your folder are 
localized, except for "INBOX".

Second, I don't really see myself trying to explain that INBOX can't be 
localized properly because it is a reserved IMAP name.  Regular users 
don't know what the IMAP protocol is, and they don't care either.

Having a descriptive name instead of INBOX is one of the top requested 
feature from my users.  People would like "Boîte de réception" because 
that is what Outlook does.  It's pretty hard to convince them it can't 
be done when a competing MUA does it just fine.

Eventually, I'll look into that and produce a patch.  I'll post it here 
for those interested.
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