[dev] Tools used for horde development?

Oliver Kuhl okuhl at netcologne.de
Wed Jun 9 06:06:12 PDT 2004

Jan Schneider wrote:

> Zitat von Joel Vandal <jvandal at infoteck.qc.ca>:
>> Good question but for me, it's very simple:
>> A text editor (jed), a browser (IE for preview) and a few paper sheet...
> Same here: Emacs, Mozilla and a lot of var_dump()s.
Isn't var_dump()ing a tragedy? Sometimes I look a bit envious at those 
.net-Developers and their development-tools. You can say anything about 
Microsoft, but VisualStudio.net really rocks...

Besides, I use php-eclipse and like it very much. The cvs-integration is 
the best I've ever seen and very important for me. The rest isn't that 
good for php, because phpeclipse has a really incomplete/buggy 
code-completion, etc.


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