[dev] datatree problem

Duck duck at obala.net
Sun Jun 13 10:13:31 PDT 2004

On Sunday 13 of June 2004 13:30, Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:
> Quoting Duck <duck at obala.net>:
> > 1.
> >
> > I have a permission A with the subpermission B. (A:B). If I wont to add a
> > subpermission for B (using portal UI), it generates two top level
> > permissions:
> >
> > A:B
> > B:C
> I can confirm this; I'll work on a fix. Though I assume you mean the
> perms admin
> page, not the portal UI?


> > 2.
> >
> > However I call DataThree->get(...) it always returns only the passed
> > top level category, without any subcategory.
> The fact that the perms admin page works makes me doubt this, so please
> be more
> specific.

I wrote an module for managing pages and articles on a portal. For the 
categorization of the content I write use the permission system, so is easy 
to assign who can edit content in which category. I had this structure


I can see the "categories" in the permission admin page. But I cannot use them  
in my module as before. For example in my class I call.

$this->_perm->_datatree->get(DATATREE_FORMAT_FLAT, "news", true, -1, -1);

It used to retrieve the whole structure of my "news" categories. Now returns 
just the main one ("news"), without any subcategory. 

I tried to call 
$this->_perm->_datatree->get(DATATREE_FORMAT_FLAT, -1, true, -1, -1);
and it returns all horde permissions. So I guess that is a bug in retrieving a 
specific level of a tree. 


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