[dev] datatree problem

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Sun Jun 13 18:19:03 PDT 2004

Quoting Duck <duck at obala.net>:

> I wrote an module for managing pages and articles on a portal. For the
> categorization of the content I write use the permission system, so is easy
> to assign who can edit content in which category. I had this structure
> news
> news:company
> news:products
> news:products:sport
> news:products:education
> I can see the "categories" in the permission admin page. But I cannot 
> use them in my module as before. For example in my class I call.
> $this->_perm->_datatree->get(DATATREE_FORMAT_FLAT, "news", true, -1, -1);
> It used to retrieve the whole structure of my "news" categories. Now returns
> just the main one ("news"), without any subcategory.

Ah, yeah. The fact that this used to work at all was always kind of a
mis-feature, in that we retrieved a lot more data than we had to in 
most cases.

Now we need a way to get trees of data when we really do want the whole tree.
Can you file an enhancement request on bugs.horde.org for that?


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