[dev] [cvs] commit: imp/lib/IMAP MailboxCache.php

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Fri Mar 9 04:56:19 UTC 2007

Quoting Michael M Slusarz <slusarz at horde.org>:

> All right - given the argument that we aren't passing $data as
> anything else but a string right now, I have backed out my
> serialization changes.  Will make a TODO to change this for 4.0.  BTW,
> backing out the changes seems to have also fixed the class not defined
> errors in IMP.

Okay. Can we talk about the rationale for this more before committing  
to do it in 4.0, though? I still think that caching large strings  
serialized is likely to be a bad idea, and that we can run into  
problems unserializing things when we don't know what they are.

Looking around at the other cache backends, memcache seems  
representative - according to the php docs, it caches ints and strings  
as-is, and other types serialized.

Using autoload (or rather, spl_autoload) in Horde 4 will mitigate some  
of the unserialization things. And I could be convinced to put  
serializing into the Cache system if we could manage to somehow store  
a type hint for the data, such that we could avoid serializing strings  
and ints. Obviously some backends would take care of this for us, and  
others wouldn't; for the file backend perhaps we could touch an extra  
cache file if the data needed to be unserialized. Dunno.


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