[dev] Horde 3.2 preparations

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Mon Mar 19 15:28:12 UTC 2007


during the last few days all stable applications that had any  
significant changes since their last release have been released with  
new versions. This was in preparation to concentrate on getting Horde  
3.2 and all according applications out.

To get this a little bit organized, please take everybody who feels  
responsible for, or interested in an application, a few minutes to  
think about what needs to be done for this application.
Todos and show stoppers are being documented in the applications'  
roadmaps on http://www.horde.org and the show stoppers wiki page  
Go through your personal task lists, sift through  
http://bugs.horde.org/ and start collecting issues and tasks. Please  
use the roadmaps only for larger items, every little detail can be  
documented in the show stoppers page. Please see the old versions  
http://wiki.horde.org/ShowStoppersThreeOne) for the list format.

We also need to agree on a definite list of new applications that  
should be released.


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