[dev] Horde PEAR

Joaquim Homrighausen joho at webbplatsen.se
Thu Mar 11 11:29:00 UTC 2010

Thanks for the explanation; I found that the easiest way was to simply 
download the latest stable framework and extract the stuff from there.


Gunnar Wrobel wrote:

> It is still being maintained but very infrequently used. With the 
> currently stable Horde 3 version we did not yet rely on PEAR package 
> releases. So what we have on pear.horde.org is indeed rather old. The 
> plan is to rely more on PEAR packages with Horde 4 which is currently 
> under very active development. This is also the reason why we did not 
> yet push anything on pear.horde.org. I guess we already have a few 
> packages from the Horde 4 stack that we could release there but most of 
> them are not yet stable enough for a release.

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