[dev] Astra2 - UI question

Sebastian Birnbach birnbacs at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 11:35:20 UTC 2016

I am reworking Astral to an Astra2 app that interfaces to H5 and uses the
REST API my provider offers. I registered my app for service telephony/dial
and it gets called by Astra to provide a URL. Following the example of
Astral, the URL points to astra2/index.php where the code lives that does
the backend communication.

Now, I would prefer a user to stay on the page with the link, rather than
to look at page output from index.php. Status messages should be output as
notifications. If I send the user back to the last page via a redirect, in
the case of Turba, going back one page means losing the active tab.

Is there a better way to integrate the code into the existing UI?



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