[dev] Astra2 - UI question

Sebastian Birnbach birnbacs at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 12:38:01 UTC 2016


I see that Astral encodes the current turba URL into the link with option
'adurl'. Example:

The code in index.php does the backend communication and then effectively
redirects to this turba address.
However, Turba displays contacts in tabs (called sections) and the active
tab is not encoded in this address.
The tabs are triggered through a JS function on the page.

It seems like the Turba UI was changed since Astral was designed (in H3
days, about 2009) and this bit was kind of forgotten.

Before I file a bug/RFE: does anybody have an idea how to complete the



2016-12-19 12:35 GMT+01:00 Sebastian Birnbach <birnbacs at gmail.com>:

> I am reworking Astral to an Astra2 app that interfaces to H5 and uses the
> REST API my provider offers. I registered my app for service telephony/dial
> and it gets called by Astra to provide a URL. Following the example of
> Astral, the URL points to astra2/index.php where the code lives that does
> the backend communication.
> Now, I would prefer a user to stay on the page with the link, rather than
> to look at page output from index.php. Status messages should be output as
> notifications. If I send the user back to the last page via a redirect, in
> the case of Turba, going back one page means losing the active tab.
> Is there a better way to integrate the code into the existing UI?
> Thanks
>   Sebastian

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