[dev] Turba search API

Sebastian Birnbach birnbacs at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 09:36:46 UTC 2019

A little clarification, please see below

Am Mo., 18. März 2019 um 12:42 Uhr schrieb Sebastian Birnbach <
birnbacs at gmail.com>:

> I made a 'wicked' Block for displaying turba contact information.
> Intention is to print out Turba contact information for a given person.
> I am looking for a way to reduce the number of returned contacts, ideally
> to just one.
> If 'name' = 'John Doe',
That's the Turba field which is a concatenation of 'firstname', a blank and

> Turba finds a match only for search strings 'John' or 'Doe', but not for
> 'John Doe'.
> Is that a bug or a feature?
I am using Turba_Api::search (   *$names* = null, array  *$opts* = array()
If the search string contains a concatenation of the firstname, a blank and
the lastname, no match is returned.
For this search I restricted the search to the 'name' field via the $opts.

I also tried searches like
>   array('John', 'Doe')
>   array ('firstname' => 'John', 'lastname' => 'Doe)'.
> but that alsways causes multiple independent searches: as a resut I get
> all 'John's in one array and all 'Doe's in another one.
> Any ideas?

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