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jlewis at lewis.org wrote:
  > The people who've created/maintained horde are all volunteers.  Are you
> volunteering to write better docs for the project?

after a fashion.  I'm not the right person for writing the English but I
do collect information.  Here's the first draft.  I'm trying to capture
everything I tripped over.  I will keep capturing information until I'm
done.  whether it is used to improve the project or not is out of my
hands.  and I'm not taking on any more open source projects.  I have two
of my own to take care of and a third begging for attention (camram,
IPCop, natlink(NaturallySpeaking Python API))


before creating the database, give the postgres account a password.
This will then be replicated into the database automatically.

if something goes wrong with the database, you can simply delete it
and (on Red Hat) it will be re-created.

run webmin.  It makes the process of verifying results an order of
magnitude easier.

provide "you should see this at this point" markers at least at the
end of each table set up

be explicit at each stage what user you should be running as.  My
experience shows that running as postgres is usually best for setting
up database features

make sure your scripts work.  the script for setting up turba has some
challenges.  In the script itself, you're told to run "psql -d
pgsql_create.sql" and look what you get...

-bash-2.05b$ psql -d pgsql_create.sql
psql: FATAL:  Database "pgsql_create.sql" does not exist in the system
-bash-2.05b$ man psql

what does seem to work is:

-bash-2.05b$ psql -f pgsql_create.sql horde
psql:pgsql_create.sql:8: ERROR:  parser: parse error at or near
"CONNECT" at character 1
psql:pgsql_create.sql:29: NOTICE:  CREATE TABLE / PRIMARY KEY will
create implicit index 'turba_objects_pkey' for table 'turba_objects'

there is just this little problem with the connect statement.  However
I suspect that we can just delete that line and everything would be marvie

The psql tool does not show ownership of tables

horde=# \d
               List of relations
  Schema |       Name       | Type  |  Owner
  public | horde_categories | table | postgres
  public | horde_prefs      | table | postgres
  public | horde_users      | table | postgres
(3 rows)

when viewed by webmin, you get a different story.

	 Granted Privileges
Object 	Type 	Database 	Grant privileges to
horde_categories 	Table 	horde 	postgres | horde
horde_prefs 	Table 	horde 	postgres | horde
horde_users 	Table 	horde 	postgres | horde
turba_objects 	Table 	horde 	postgres | horde

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