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Eric Jon Rostetter eric.rostetter at physics.utexas.edu
Mon Aug 7 08:20:53 PDT 2006

Quoting Ali Nebi <ali_20_f1 at yahoo.com>:

> thanks for the mails Eric
> So...i was installed horde and other aplications under fedora 5

So I assume you followed the Fedora Core 4 docs on the wiki then?

> and i was readed howto documentations in wiki.horde.com
> when i begin to read horde configuration everything was ok, but i   
> cant understant how i should to configure horde for ldap

You'd have to be more specific as to what you mean here.

> and imp and  other aplications
> this sections was confused me

There is, unfortunately, no real installation information for the apps
besides Horde itself on the wiki.  We should add sections for IMP, Turba,

> with istallation everything is ok
> i lookup for new documentations (how to configure horde maybe for   
> horde 3.xxx) for basic configure horde

There is really no such thing as a "basic configure" since so many variables
exist (mail server software, sql vs ldap, server configurations, etc).

I've update the FC4 Horde installation docs.  Next I would think we should
try to do more with IMP, Turba, etc. installation docs.  Until then, you
will need to either ask on the mailing lists, or specify what you want
documented in hopes someone will add it to the wiki, or read the docs/INSTALL
files in each application.

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