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Rich West Rich.West@divatv.com
Fri, 26 Oct 2001 11:51:32 -0400

Hrmm.. unless the login system was changed within the last 16 days (it 
was all downloaded from the HEAD branch from CVS on the 10th), then I 
have the latest stuff..  Anyhow, the method you described for gollem 
sounds inconsistent with the way the whole thing works; you can log 
directly into IMP without logging into horde.  Seems silly to have to 
log into horde then log into gollem rather than be able to go directly 
to gollem.

Anyhow, I tried logging into horde, then going over and logging in via 
gollem.  No such luck. :(  Went to Horde, then IMP, then to gollem with 
the same result..


Jan Schneider wrote:

>The authentication and preference system has changed recently.
>You need to be logged in to Horde to use one of its apps. As gollem still needs 
>it own login (to authenticate against the ftp server) you need actually login 
>twice before you can use Gollem.
>So if you configured any authentication scheme for Horde you can access the 
>horde url, login to Horde, click on FTP and login to Gollem.
>That should work, anything else is a bug.
>What has to be fixed is that you get redirected to the Horde login screen if 
>you call Gollem directly and are not logged in to Horde.
>Zitat von Rich West <Rich.West@divatv.com>:
>>But.. but.. but..  gack.
>>Well, when I did the original horde+imp install, I got the CVS install 
>>of gollem.
>>If I go the top level of the horde install, and select the "FTP" icon at 
>>the bottom panel, it prompts of for a user and password (and host and 
>>port).  I log in there, and I get a blank screen. :(
>>If I use the latest gollem from CVS and drop it into the horde tree (in 
>>place of the existing gollem), update the config files, and go through 
>>the same procedure, I get that error.
>>It is logging in via ftp.  It shows that in the /tmp/gollem.log file, as 
>>well as in the output from "last".
>>I feel like I am missing something here (aside from a few marbles)..
>>Jon Parise wrote:
>>>On Fri, Oct 26, 2001 at 04:24:09PM +0200, Jan Schneider wrote:
>>>>You either didn't update Horde too or you didn't login to Horde
>>>>before logging in to Gollem. 
>>>It's probably the second case (at least, that's what fixed it for
>>>me).  Gollem should probably enforce that requirement instead of
>>>displaying an error.
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