[gollem] Display

Jan Schneider jan@horde.org
Fri, 26 Oct 2001 18:10:05 +0200

Zitat von Rich West <Rich.West@divatv.com>:

> Hrmm.. unless the login system was changed within the last 16 days (it 
> was all downloaded from the HEAD branch from CVS on the 10th), then I 
> have the latest stuff..  Anyhow, the method you described for gollem 

"Recently" in Horde terms means "a few hours" sometimes. ;-) Actually the code 
is only a few days old. So you really have to update both.

> sounds inconsistent with the way the whole thing works; you can log 
> directly into IMP without logging into horde.  Seems silly to have to 
> log into horde then log into gollem rather than be able to go directly 
> to gollem.

No, it's the same with imp. But you can setup Horde to use IMP as its 
authentication handler. That's why you don't have to login twice. But you can 
also use Gollem as the authentication handler (see registry.php). Then you only 
have to login once if you want to use Gollem but twice if you want to IMP.

It's not (yet) possible to login to Horde and don't have to login again to both 
IMP and Gollem.

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