[horde] can imp do imap over ssl ?

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Sun Nov 19 12:11:40 PST 2000

Quoting Frank Louwers <frank at student.rug.ac.be>:

> host/pop/ssl (have a look at the c-client docs that are included with
> uv-imap)

Great - I've added an option for this as well, along with some docs in 

> Ah, nice. But in a highly devellopers only state? I mean, not yet 
> production ready?

Well, it really depends. Some people are running it in production; I'd say 
that overall it's more stable than 2.2; also, it does away with frames, and 
has an option to gzip-compress content, so it's much nicer on both 
servers and bandwidth. But: it's still something of a moving target, and the 
documentation is _starting_ to fall into place, but certainly isn't there yet.


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