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Chuck Hagenbuch chuck@horde.org
Mon Feb 5 15:52:08 PST 2001

Quoting EEMAN <eeman@bluegrass.net>:

> I agree, I guess I am just a little paranoid about running a cvs of php
> since I have other pages using php including a phpshop package =).

Sure - but you don't really need the cvs build of php, just the pear files from 

> How close is horde/imp's cvs tree to becoming a stable release? I am in the 
> process of re-inventing our wheel at work (an ISP). Including creating a SANs 
> with NFS etc. I plan on implementing IMP (even if its 2.2) but after 
> salivating over some of the added features of 2.3-cvs I find myself hoping it 
> releases to stable around the same time I begin to roll out web based email 
> for our clients. Of course that's probably at least month or two off.

It depends a lot on how much help and feedback we get. For instance, feedback 
and "I couldn't figure this out" questions are great, since they tell us what 
parts of the documentation need to be gone over. But actual updates to said 
documentation would be even better. We need people to volunteer to write some 
scripts to automate the translation stuff a bit; we need people to volunteer to 
actually create the new translations. We need people test Turba, and to submit 
patches, not just comments. Basically, we need to ramp up testing for 2.4.0, 
and the more people who participate that can actually help us fix things, the 
faster it'll get done. =)


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