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On Tue, 6 Feb 2001, doug moore <lordscarlet at> wrote:

> The documentation i used was horde/docs/INSTALL, so this is in reference to
> that and with the assumption of a default redhat instlal, which is what the
> INSTALL documentation uses:

Thanks for your notes!  Well, ugh, in the 2.2.x branch we've kept the
INSTALL docs up-to-date pretty well, but they've been languishing in
HEAD... I'm surprised you only found 4.

At some point these will need to get rewritten, and we'll have to decide
whether to move to DocBook.  (If so, I'm sure we'll still want to generate
plain-old text format as one of the outputs.)  But DocBook is so nice!

> cp /usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl /etc/init.d/httpd


> redhat does not seem to symlink a /init.d

RH 6.x doesn't, so that's one of the standard things I do as I install an
RH 6.x system.  In RH 7.x they make the sym. link during install.

> cp mime.php.dist mime.php


> -- before running ./configure you need to run ./buildconf for a fresh
> php cvs installation.


> /** 4
> Also, i THINK you have to do:
> mysqladmin [ -h <host> ] -u hordemgr -p password <new-password>
> after creating hordemgr

That's covered by this step:

    mysql> replace into user ( host, user, password )
        values ('localhost', 'hordemgr', password('hordepass'));

as long as you flush privileges that does the trick.

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