[horde] Upgrading IMP

Imre Oolberg imre at tac.ee
Fri Feb 16 06:06:43 PST 2001


> > What I cant figure out is where IMP storages information about which
> > folders are selected.
> It doesn't; your IMAP server does that.

I use IMAP4rev1 v12.264, where does it keep that information then, in a
user home i didnt find any obvious place :(

> > And also, if i drop the database (MySQL) for example and recontruct it
> > as a new will the users notice it.
> Fortunately there were no database changes between 2.2.3 and 2.2.4, so you
> don't have to do anything to the database.

But please tell me, if because of some reason i need to lift the whole
staff from one server into another and the Internet configuration remains
the same (ie domain names, users etc) then could i just start my MySQL
anew (and initialize horde MysSQL database like README says) or i need to
dump horde databases into backup files and then restore
from them in a new system? I mean it obvius to me that MySQL is essential
during a user-serving-session if there is such a thing :)
But does the database consist some useful information between the

At least now database horde contains three tables


of which only the first one has records. And only some thirty or so.

Best Regards, Imre

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