[horde] horde interapplication conflicts

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Thu Feb 22 08:49:10 PST 2001

Quoting Nico Galoppo <scratch at ace.ulyssis.org>:

> The general idea is to use the Horde as the backend for user prefs,
> error handling, logging, authentication, perms ... across all of its
> applications (imp, engee, turba, ...). Is that a possible? 

That's the general idea, yes.

> The directory structure could look like this, separating content
> (./htdocs), code (./horde) and appearance (various ./template dirs):


> Now, here's how I wanted to handle things. All files in ./htdocs/ include
> ./horde/engee/lib/base.php (eg. with auto_prepend). 
> In here I set up the general Horde libs, as is done in imp. Then, a
> specific page handler in ./horde/engee/ is called and variables passed so the
> page handler knows what to serve. For example (pseudo-code):

Okay, that all looks reasonable enough.

>     * templates are scattered out over the different application's
>       directories. This could be hard to keep up with, and is not very
>       logical, as they're all used to implement the same website (and
>       thus should look the same)

I'm not sure what the question is here?

>     * how will preference variables interact? Eg. are there going to be
>       conflicts between $conf['paths']['...'] arrays between the imp,
>       turba, engee, etc?

You mean $conf variables, not preferences, right? Right now we only really 
support loading one set of $conf variables at a time. But this is something I'm 
going to have to solve sooner or later, so count on it working.

>     * is the horde going to support overall error logging features soon?
>       Logging to a database would be a nice feature ;)

We contributed a set of Log:: classes to Turba that log to pretty much 
anything. They should do the trick nicely.

> I know this is all still very vague right now, but I need someone to put
> me in the right direction :) So feel free to make all comments you want...

Sure; hopefully you've gotten enough feedback by now to at least make things 
less vague. :)


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