alternative imp mail delivery methods

Nico Galoppo scratch at
Thu Feb 22 15:25:23 PST 2001


I would like to set up a website on a box which can't run an IMAP
server, nor can I create extra user accounts on it (don't ask me why ;))

Anyway, I was thinking of using IMP to have an internal web messaging
system (so the website users can send mail to each other, but not
outside). That would require IMP to deliver it's messages to a database
(for example), instead of an IMAP server.

I already discussed this with Chuck, and he proposed to patch the
c-client library. It can deliver messages to a local mailbox instead of
the IMAP server, but that would still require a user every mailbox
wouldn't it?

I took a quick look at the IMP api, and as far as I can see,
implementing database message delivery would require rewriting
IMP_Folder, IMP_Message & IMP_Tree. That way, it wouldn't be IMP anymore
wouldn't it ;)

Has anyone got an idea for a smart way doing this kind of stuff, keeping
IMP's interface? (That's the main reason why I want to do this)


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