[horde] alternative imp mail delivery methods

Nico Galoppo scratch at ace.ulyssis.org
Fri Feb 23 02:25:29 PST 2001

--* Rich Lafferty (Thu, Feb 22, 2001 at 08:02:16PM -0500) *--

> IMAP is just a protocol to move the contents of messages around, and
> so's SMTP. Neither of them mean "sending mail to the Internet". A
> mailbox is a database of mail, IMAP's a protocol to speak to the
> database and get mail out, and local sendmail is a way to speak to the
> database and put mail in.
> Given that this wheel's already very well established, why reinvent
> it?

I agree, but I don't see how you want me to use IMP *without* having a
userbase and IMAP server set up on some box to store the messages. I'd
rather keep the messages stored on the same box that IMP runs on,
without the need for a UNIX account for every website user I have.

If you could explain that to me, I would be very happy :)

Thanks for your replies,


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