[horde] alternative imp mail delivery methods

Patrick Boutilier boutilpj at ednet.ns.ca
Fri Feb 23 04:42:41 PST 2001

Running Cyrus IMAP server with pam_mysql  for authentication is one way. No
need for local UNIX accounts in that scenario. LDAP users is probably
another way.

Nico Galoppo wrote:

> I agree, but I don't see how you want me to use IMP *without* having a
> userbase and IMAP server set up on some box to store the messages. I'd
> rather keep the messages stored on the same box that IMP runs on,
> without the need for a UNIX account for every website user I have.
> If you could explain that to me, I would be very happy :)
> Thanks for your replies,
> Nico
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