Error with mysql configuration.

Abid Ghufran abidghufran at
Fri Mar 16 12:03:23 PST 2001

Dear All,

I am trying to setup a web based email setup on RedHat Linux 7 platform. I 
am using Horde 2.2, Imp 1.2, Php 4, Apache 1.3 alongwith the following rpms 
required for the MySql setup: (I am running the entire setup on my single 
host for test purposes)

1) mysqlclient9-3.23.22-3
2) php-mysql-4.0.3pl1-1
3) mysql-server-3.23.22-6
4) horde-mysql-1.2.4-1rh7
5) mysql-3.23.22-6

Although the required version was 3.23.24 for mysql and mysql-server, these 
are not available at all the three ftp sites within my reach and mentioned 
in the "horde-latest.README": (, and

Now the problem is as follows:

When i try to check the test.php3 i get the following status of the 
installed modules (alongwith other information):

                  IMAP Support: Yes.
                  LDAP Support: No.
                  MySql Support: Yes.
                  PostgreSQL Support: No.

      (I have not yet configured LDAP and PostgreSQL.)

But when i access "Click here to test PHPLIB for Horde" link i get this 

Warning: Cant connect to local MySql server through socket 
'/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (111) in /var/www/horde-phplib/ on 
line 73

I checked this code (at line 73) and found mysql_pconnect() thus i assume 
(on the basis of my limited knowledge) that the problem might be with the 
database server connection. The mysql.sock file exists. MySql server is 
running. I have also checked the error log file and there i found nothing 
except the usual start/stop entires. But I am unable to trace the update and 
binary log files.

Imp: I have yet to configure the Imp setup through the setup.php3 file at my 
web site.

I have all the db tables for the horde-phplib and imp (thru the 
mysql_create.sql command).

I have intentionally put this much detail in this mail to give u a hint of 
the setup.

All kind of thoughts are appreciated and anticapted.

I am grateful to you for your concern and time.

Thank you.

Abid Ghufran.
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