error with mysql configuration.

Abid Ghufran abidghufran at
Fri Mar 16 21:09:32 PST 2001

Dear All,

I am trying to setup a web based email setup on RedHat Linux 7 platform. I 
am using Horde 2.2, Imp 1.2, Php 4, Apache 1.3 alongwith the following rpms 
required for the MySql setup: (I am running the entire setup on my single 
host for test purposes)

1) mysqlclient9-3.23.22-3
2) php-mysql-4.0.3pl1-1
3) mysql-server-3.23.22-6
4) horde-mysql-1.2.4-1rh7
5) mysql-3.23.22-6

Although the required version was 3.23.24 for mysql and mysql-server, these 
are not available at all the three ftp sites within my reach and mentioned 
in the "horde-latest.README": (, and

Now the problem is as follows:

1) When i try to check the test.php3 i get the following status of the 
installed modules (alongwith other information):
                  IMAP Support: Yes.
                  LDAP Support: No.
                  MySql Support: Yes.
                  PostgreSQL Support: No.

      (I have not yet configured LDAP and PostgreSQL.)

But when i access "Click here to test PHPLIB for Horde" link i get this 

Warning: Cant connect to local MySql server through socket 
'/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (111) in /var/www/horde-phplib/ on 
line 73

I checked this code (at line 73) and found mysql_pconnect() thus i assume 
(on the basis of my limited knowledge) that the problem might be with the 
database server connection.

The MySql server is running. File mysql.sock exists. The database for the 
horde-phplib and imp is created. The command "mysql < mysql_create.sql" 
runs. I have the entire setup on a single machine for test purposes (i.e. 
MySql server, Apache Server and etc.). I have yet to run the cinfiguration 
file "setup.php3" on the horde directory of my web site.

When i run "mysqladmin version" in the output i get that the localhost is 
connected via   Unix sock, and when i run "mysqladmin -h `hostname` version 
variables" i get that the localhost is connected via TCP/IP port. I think 
that either the socket or the TCP/PI port should have been used, as given 
with the mysql configuration.

I have given  all the details intentionally to give you an idea of the the 
entire setup.

All kind of thoughts are appreciated and anticipated.

Thank you very much.

Abid Ghufran.
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