[horde] poppassd server

Max Kalika max at the-triumvirate.net
Sun Mar 18 17:55:08 PST 2001

Quoting Rich Lafferty <rich at horde.org>:

> Well, the difference between password changing and .forward and
> vacation and so forth is that password changing is a concept that
> applies in *some* manner or another to nearly every IMAP setup out
> there, while .forward and vacation are very platform-specific. 
> (Qualcomm came up with poppassd to get around the
> platform-specificity.) 

Forwards and vacations will be set up in a generic way like all the other 
classes in Horde.  There will be an superclass and driver-specific subclasses.  
I.e. if forwards are stored in a mysql database, use the sql driver with 
whatever parameters you need.  Or if the and forwards are stored in a 
standard .forward file, you can choose to use the FTP driver, etc etc etc.

> Also, I hope we're keeping the model in which IMP doesn't have to run
> on the mail server itself, nor access its filesystems...

I'm sure we are.  Gollem does not need to run on the server where the account 
is stored.  And certainly IMP doesn't as well.

>    (b) has to be platform- and MTA-specific (since it needs to know 
>        filenames, whether to use .qmail-forward or .forward, whether 
>        to use procmail or eximfilters, and so on -- which seems to
>        lend itself to modularity, and is distinct from ftp/shell bits;

The filename and all the specific stuff will go into the driver parameters 
section of whatever subclass you choose to use.

> Let's say we go with (4); then if you want Gollem but not IMP and you
> want to let people change your passwords, you've also got a bunch of
> mail-related things lying around; that just replaces the current
> problem (letting mail-only users change passwords involves something
> designed for file stuff) with the opposite (letting file-stuff-only
> users change passwords involves mail-ish things). So, (4) doesn't get
> us any further ahead except that more people will probably offer
> mail-without-file than file-without-mail. 

Each individual piece of Gollem will have the ability to be disabled on a per 
server basis.  So if you want just password changes for IMP:  Install Gollem 
and disable file, ftp, vacation, etc features.  Then from IMP we can have a 
callback function to bring up the Gollem password changing screen (similar to 
how we bring up the contact search screen of Turba).  Thoughts?


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