[horde] Login into webmail from another site

Baard Tommy Nilsen bard.tommy.nilsen at svt.ntnu.no
Tue Apr 24 06:46:43 PDT 2001

I have tried that.
I did copy the top of the remote_login.php3, and pasted it into
the top of the file.

Copied the form, and pasted it later in the dokument. (it worked fine)

But when i try to login, it doesnt work.
I get forwarded to my webmail "server" but only to the login
form, (i do not get logged in)

Bård Tommy Nilsen

At 09:15 24.04.01 -0400, you wrote:
>Quoting Baard Tommy Nilsen <bard.tommy.nilsen at svt.ntnu.no>:
>> I did som changes in my httpd.conf and it worked :)
>> But i want to include the remote_login.php3 file into
>> a table.
>> But then i get problems with adding header information.
>It's an example, not a file that you can just include somewhere. You'll
have to 
>read it, and create a form that has what you want.
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