Page_Open problem (and I read the FAQ)

Todd Aiken taiken at
Wed Apr 25 12:57:48 PDT 2001

Hi list.  This is absolutely driving me insane!  My horde/test.php3 page 
is giving me a nice red "No" telling me that page_open is not defined.  I 
know that the FAQ says that it is because PHPLIB is not in the include 
path, but it IS according to phpinfo().  Is there anything else that can 
cause this error?

Horde Versions

     Horde: 1.2.4 
     IMP: 2.2.4 

PHP Version

     PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1 
     PHP Major Version: 4 
     PHP Minor Version: 4pl1 
     PHP Version Classification: release 
     You are running a supported release of PHP4. Enjoy the ride! 

PHP Module Capabilities

     IMAP Support: Yes 
     LDAP Support: Yes 
     MySQL Support: Yes 
     PostgreSQL Support: No 

PHPLIB Configuration

     track_vars: Yes 
     PHPLIB (is page_open() defined): No 

Miscellaneous PHP Settings

     magic_quotes_gpc set to Off: Yes 
     magic_quotes_runtime set to Off: Yes 

In /usr/local/lib/php.ini:

include_path    =  /var/lib/apache/phplib:.
auto_prepend_file       /var/lib/apache/phplib/prepend.php3
track_vars      on
magic_quotes_gpc        off

According to phpinfo():

Configuration File (php.ini) Path     /usr/local/lib
nclude_path     /var/lib/apache/phplib:.

What am I doing wrong?

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