[horde] horde login.php and Kronolith/Turba?

Paul list-horde at dragon.net
Sun Sep 2 19:49:30 PDT 2001

chuck> Does Kronolith work for you, now that you're using imap for
chuck> Horde auth?

paul> Kronolith is puking on some mcal misconfiguration I haven't had
paul> time to work out:

paul> Sep 2 10:19:55 selidor httpd: PHP Warning: Unable to find
paul> stream pointer in
paul> /usr/local/opt/apache_1.3.20/horde-1.3.5-latest/kronolith-0.0.3/lib/Driver/mcal.php
paul> on line 356

paul> This is still going on. Haven't figured out why... mcal version
paul> is libmcal-0.6. Will try the latest/hairiest CVS tree next.

Well, building libmcal-0.99 was a painful experience. They've moved a
bunch of files around and broken how to build out of the box. I
finally got a version to compile and not break the PHP build and
rebuild PHP4.0.6 and Apache. No dice... Still getting the "unable to
find stream pointer" in /horde/kronolith/lib/Driver/mcal.php.

Considering how broken the install was, I'm not overly impressed with
mcal. Guess I'll punt on a calendar for now.

Went back four or five revs in the PHP CVS tree and from the latest
1.64 and at least four back, quote() was in pear/DB/common.php, so I'd
be curious to know what CVS version they actually ship in the 4.0.6
tarball. It's cleansed of CVS repository info...

Also be curious to hear from anyone using MySQL and PHP 4 that works
to see what version of PHP 4 they are using.

Guess it's time to call it a weekend and grab a beer. On the plus
side, IMP 2.3.x is definitely whizzier than IMP 2.2.x, so I'm still


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Subject: Re: [horde] horde login.php and Kronolith/Turba?

Quoting list-horde at dragon.net:

> I have a working IMP (2.3.7-cvs, Horde 1.3.5-cvs) and /horde/test.php
> seems to have found all the things I wanted it to find (like mcal
> v0.6). Chora and NIC work fine.

I know this thread has moved on to some extent, but I want to make sure nothing 
is missed. So: mcal 0.6 is not going to work for you. You need the version from 

> I'm using the PHPlib that came with horde-1.2.7-cvs from a previous
> install because horde-1.3.5-cvs didn't come with one. If I don't use
> that library, I get blank pages, so I assume I must need some version
> of PHPlib.

You definitely do not need phplib with Horde 1.3. It shouldn't make much of a 
difference whether it's installed or not, but it'd be better for it not to be.


Charles Hagenbuch, <chuck at horde.org>
Some fallen angels have their good reasons.

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