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Sun Oct 7 22:04:30 PDT 2001


Hey all,

I've been trying to track this through for a couple of days now and don't seem
to be making a lot of headway so...

What the current project requires is incorporating PGP and S/MIME into IMP.

I'm currently working on the first half of this and have the signature
generation, key generation and key-ring management working from IMP's web
interface.  The part I'm having trouble with is building the out going message
so it's compliant with RFC 2015 ( )

I'm currently looking in imp/compose.php3 in the section starting at 
case SEND_MESSAGE: which is about 520 lines down.

Down around line 640 we have...

$msg = $mime->generate();

This builds the body of the message (all the different mime parts etc) and then
goes on to build the array $envelope which contains all the message headers.

In order to be complient with rfc 2015 I need to get the message headers for
Content-Type and Content-Transfer-Encoding at this point before the $envelope is
built so I can add them to the $msg for signing.

Can anyone help me get these at this point?

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