in HEAD, how to specify DB info

Scott A. Sibert ehorde at
Tue Oct 23 13:03:26 PDT 2001

Hello all.

I've tried looking through lots of files but I can't figure out how to 
specify the database connection information (like is it mysql or 
postgres and the database user/password, etc).  In what file should this 
information go?  horde.php?

There's 'auth''driver' which I've set to 'sql' followed by 
'auth''params'.  I do not know what should go here to let whatever know 
that I'm sending it to pgsql and the user/password, etc.

There's also 'prefs''driver' and the accompanying 'params'.

I do not know what values to put into these arrays and I do not know the 
required order of the values.

Would someone please help me?


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