[horde] in HEAD, how to specify DB info

Scott Singleton scott at beacon-inc.com
Tue Oct 23 13:06:02 PDT 2001

Here's my pref's section of my horde/config/horde.php file.  Make sure you
run all the database scripts to setup the database, hordemgr user, and
tables if you're using SQL


 ** Preference System Settings

// What preferences driver should we use? Valid values are 'none'
// (meaning use system defaults and don't save any user preferences),
// 'session' (preferences only persist during the login), 'ldap', 
// and 'sql'.
$conf['prefs']['driver'] = 'sql';

// Any parameters that the preferences driver needs. This includes
// database or ldap server, username/password to connect with, etc. 
$conf['prefs']['params']['phptype'] = 'mysql';
$conf['prefs']['params']['hostspec'] = 'localhost';
$conf['prefs']['params']['username'] = 'hordemgr';
$conf['prefs']['params']['password'] = '*******************';
$conf['prefs']['params']['database'] = 'horde';
$conf['prefs']['params']['table'] = 'horde_prefs';

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Hello all.

I've tried looking through lots of files but I can't figure out how to 
specify the database connection information (like is it mysql or 
postgres and the database user/password, etc).  In what file should this 
information go?  horde.php?

There's 'auth''driver' which I've set to 'sql' followed by 
'auth''params'.  I do not know what should go here to let whatever know 
that I'm sending it to pgsql and the user/password, etc.

There's also 'prefs''driver' and the accompanying 'params'.

I do not know what values to put into these arrays and I do not know the 
required order of the values.

Would someone please help me?


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Subject: page_open() error in mailbox.php3

I have searched the horde and imp mailing lists for this problem. I have =
people post this problem, but there has not been a response to it. So I a=
asking once again.

I keep getting the following error after running ./secure.sh and going to=

/horde/imp directory with my browser:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: page_open() in
/var/www/html/horde/imp/mailbox.php3 on line 104

If anyone can shed any light on this situation, it would be greatly

Best Regards,
E. M. Recio =

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