MySQL Error: 1046 (No Database Selected)

Dusan Djordjevic dj.dule at
Mon Nov 5 02:45:00 PST 2001

I am trying to install Imp 2.2.6 with Horde 1.2.6 on Red Hat Linux 7.1 with 
Mysql 3.23.43 and Apache 1.3.22. I followed the instructions, installed 
phplib and horde. I also created necessary tables in mysql database using 
supplied script. /horde/test.php3 says everything is ok, but when i click on: 
'Click here to test PHPLIB for Horde' i get message:

Database error: cannot use database 
MySQL Error: 1046 (No Database Selected)
Session halted.

I tried with docs/faq but it didn't worked. Any ideas ? 
Thanks in advance...
Dusan Djordjevic, system administrator
Tradal Ltd, Cypriot Branch -

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