Horde 2.0 RC1

Brent J. Nordquist bjn at horde.org
Fri Nov 9 12:51:51 PST 2001

The Horde team is very pleased to announce the availability of the first
release candidate (RC1) of the Horde 2.0 framework, together with the
new versions of Horde applications that are built on it.  This release
finalizes the Horde 2.x API as a stable development platform for new Horde
application development.

Our evaluation is that the RC1 release is ready for production testing;
the final release will of course be production-level.  Only bug fixes and
forward-compatible changes will end up in future RC's and the final
release.  We're shooting for Christmas for the final release; thanks in
advance for helping us meet this goal by testing the RC's and providing us
with feedback on the Horde lists.

A lot of work has gone into this exciting new version of the Horde
framework; major new benefits include:

- Better preferences
- MIME viewer support
- PHP 4 native session support (no PHPLIB!)
- Inter-Horde-application communication

IMP now contains identity support, and the contacts functionality has
been broken out into a new Horde application, Turba.


The RC1 release can be downloaded from the following locations (RPMs will
be available as soon as I'm able to produce them):


MD5 checksums:

88efbf8080ffbecde402a8608af5ab01  horde-2.0-RC1.tar.gz
ddf2baec6e6aea3faf53663c9aab8430  imp-3.0-RC1.tar.gz
18b4025383c7980be84e053b30e28fd6  turba-1.0-RC1.tar.gz

P.S. A word about release numbering for the curious:  We're dropping
the "even is stable, odd is development" numbering method, and moving
to a system more like FreeBSD's (see <dev at lists.horde.org> discussion
for details).  The two-level releases will follow sequentially (2.0,
2.1, etc.) and will contain new features and bug fixes.  The third digit
will only appear when needed; any necessary third-level release (2.0.1,
2.0.2, etc.) would only contain critical/security bug fixes.

Brent J. Nordquist <bjn at horde.org> N0BJN
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