Question from a beginner (about the first log on horde)

Edouard Dognin mondoud at
Sun Nov 11 12:11:21 PST 2001


First of all, excuse me for my poor English, because I'am French.

I just install horde (to provide a webmail, so i had also install imp
and thurba).
I install it on a debian but not with the package, i did it using the
tar.gz archive of : horde 2.0 RC1 (with imp 3.0 RC1). After I just
rename all necessary config files from '/config/*.php.dist' to
'/config/*.php', and that is the only thing I did, horde as me for a
login and a password...

I really dont know what can I do ? I tried some simple one like
'horde'/'horde' or 'horde'/'' etc... but that doesn't work.

Could you please help me, thank you in advance.

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