Clicking Horde icon logs user out of email using IMAP auth

Alex Leverington admin at
Sun Nov 11 13:33:52 PST 2001

I updated from CVS recently. I have authentication set to IMAP. Now, when I 
login to horde, not only do I have to log in a second time for access to imp, 
but if I go back to the main horde screen, I get logged out of IMP and I have 
to log back in again. Also (and I think this maybe related), Auth::getAuth() 
is not working in whups. I only refer this to horde, because I tried using a 
whups release from 4 weeks ago in which I _know_ Auth::getAuth() call was 
working, and it did not work. Meanwhile, I might have to go back to SQL 
authentication for IMP :/


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