[horde] IMP 2.2 -> turba address book conversion

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Sun Dec 23 05:11:59 PST 2001

Zitat von Sam Smith <S at mSmith.net>:

> Since I don't know of one, I wrote one for the migration of one of
> my boxes.  I've put it here
> http://www.cus.org.uk/~sams/imp-addr-conv_pl.txt
> in case someone else finds it useful.
> Save it as imp-addr-conf.pl, change the variables at the top, and
> run it.
> It wont work if you are using the multiple domain feature of IMP,
> for that, you'll have to roll your own.
> If there any major SNAFU's in it, please let me know.

We just added one a day ago.

Brent, can you check which one is better or cleaner or you just like more, 
and consider that when you change the other script?


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