problems with kronolith kalendar (cont)

Marc Fellman m.fellman at
Mon Dec 31 00:57:57 PST 2001

Hi all,

I am using Horde RC2 (with parts of CVS RC3) and Kronolith (I'm not absolutely
sure but I think the version that has the same datestamp as Horde RC3). I have
used the calendar for some time now but I can not see any of the entry's I have
made. I am able to export the calendar but that's all. Does anyone have any
experience with this?

I am not aware of changing anything lately.

I saw what the problem seemt to be. I was expecting 31 december 2001 when I 
clicked on today but I got 31 december 2000. So I browsed to december 2001 and 
saw all my events. I don't know if it is special for the 31 december. Hope this 
helps with analysing the problem. BTW I am using mySQL as the place to store 
the events.


Marc Fellman
Vitalogic Services B.V.

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