[horde] Horde install trouble

Nico Morgan nico.morgan at clickstream.com
Tue Jan 8 07:04:33 PST 2002

At 15:00 08/01/2002, you wrote:
>Have you been able to confirm that php is working? with a very basic
>something.php file containing:
><?php phpinfo(); ?>
>just to make sure php is working.

Yes, I have several other php apps running on the same server. Everything 
seems fine there.

>Are you running cgi or as an IIS module? I find cgi lots more reliable as not
>all modules in php are reliably thread safe yet in windows.

Running it as a CGI for the reason you have stated.

>I'm running everything on Win2k with Apache istead of IIS so i can help 
>you out
>with mine handlers for win32 if you need.

I removed the '@' form the beginning of the test.php file and got an error 
about the session save path not existing. Corrected that and now I am back 
to a blank screen again...

Will keep trying....


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