Really basic installation question

Jack Orenstein jao at
Thu Jan 10 17:13:07 PST 2002

My goal is to install IMP 3.0, so I'm installing Horde 2.0. I've got
Apache 3.19 and PHP 4.1 (the horde2 rpm), and I'm now stuck trying to
install mod_php. 

I have mod_php4-4.0.6-4.i386.rpm but I can't install it because it
requires Where can I find this library? I'm finding it
surprisingly difficult to locate a copy.

I have these:


which came with UW IMAP (I think), but I cannot locate 

Anyone know where to find this? Or a version of the mod_php rpm which
includes the library?

I know this isn't a horde-specific question, (I'll have those later,
I'm sure), but someone on this list must have been down this path.

Jack Orenstein

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