imap/ssl/novalidate-cert (was Re: failure notice (fwd) )

David Chin dwchin at
Fri Jan 11 12:40:16 PST 2002

In message <1010744763.3c3ebdbb66f72 at>, Jan Schneider writes:
> Zitat von dwchin at
> [snip]
> >  works fine.  Logging in via the using IMAP/SSL
> > (self-signed 
> >  cert) also works.  But my installation of PHP/Horde/IMP can't seem to
> > handle 
> >  IMAP/SSL.  
> [snip]
> Try selecting imap/ssl/novalidate-cert as the protocol in servers.php.

I tried what you suggested, but I still cannot make a connection with the 
IMAP server.

--Dave Chin
  dwchin at

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