rpm install question db2_dba

Tim Olson tim at 5000feet.com
Mon Jan 21 07:02:36 PST 2002


If this is the wrong place to post this, someone kindly redirect me.
It's my first posting.

I spent a bunch of time over the weekend downloading and installing
horde and imp on a sparc 5, running RedHat.   I had already
had apache installed and working by RPM, and I was able to 
rebuild most of the src.rpm's to get horde and imp installed and
working.  I wanted to use MySQL database.  I got to the point where
I was setting up Horde/IMP, and it was all working fine except when
I tried to go into IMP, I got messages that indicated that it couldn't
work with MySQL.  

This I kind of expected, since out of all the RPMS, the one I couldn't
get to rebuild was the php-3.x.x.src.rpm rpm.  I had to install the
redhat provided php-3.18 or whatever version PHP rpm instead, that was
made without MySQL support.

Here's the heart of my question:

Whenever I tried to rebuild the horde-supplied php RPM, I got many
errors relating to db2_dba being undefined.

Does anyone know a work-around or what package I'd need to install
or what I can do to make this rpm rebuild properly?  The only thing
I could come up with is that my system is using all current RPMS
from redhat, such as RPM version 4.x, and DB3, and all of those

Please give me some suggestions or point me in the right direction
as to where to look.  I couldn't find anything too specific
in the README's or FAQ's regarding this.


tim at 5000feet.com

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