Failed login with Mozilla and Netscape 6.2 under Win

Manfred Moser manfred_moser at
Tue Mar 19 16:41:49 PST 2002


I have a bit of an odd problem. I successfully installed Horde/IMP/Turba in 
their newest stable releases on a RH7.2 box with PHP4.0.6 and PostgreSQL.

Everything works fine under Linux with Netscape 4.76, Mozilla, Konqueror and 
Netscape 6 and also under Windows with Opera 6, IE5.5 and Netscape 4.7x  but 
here it comes...

I can not login with Netscape 6.2 or Mozilla (i think 0.9 whatever... the 
newest version). Has anybody discovered this problem and can tell me if there 
is a fix for this (maybe just a different url encoding setting in horde or a 
setting in the browsers).



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