[horde] login problems HORDE md5

Encolpe DEGOUTE encolpe.degoute at openwide.fr
Tue Mar 26 00:09:22 PST 2002

Surlignage Richard Hanrick <richard at hanrick.com>:

> I have just installed horde 2.0 and while using sql as the authorisation
> mechanism I could not login.  I have the mysql server on a different
> machine.  Playing with the permissions eventually allowed a connect but
> still could not authorise.  It really appeared that the authorisation was
> simply failing.

It's just you have to use md5 encryption to your users' password.
It just work.

> I eventually went through the /scripts/Auth/sql.php script and discovered,
> around line 154, that sql was sending the password using md5 encryption and
> my mysql was not setup to handle md5 encryption.  Modifying the line,
> removing the "md5()" solved the problem - only 3 hours mucking around!!
> The md5 encryption should be mentioned in the documentation.  I did a
> search
> of the mailing lists and didn't come up with anything either.

Use  phpmyadmin tools for encrypt he password or admin interface.

> Ah - now onto the imp imap authorisation 

It seems to work fine too for me.


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