[horde] nag_tasks table change - any other horde db's?

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Tue Mar 26 09:57:38 PST 2002

Quoting Justin Zachor <justinz at covad.net>:

> Besides the recent nag_tasks table change (task_added column removed and
> task_catagory columns added), have there been any other table changes to
> horde apps in the past few months?


> I ask this because I cvs update'ed this morning, then got an error from
> nag's sql.php driver (re missing task_catagory column).  This prompted
> me to look through other apps to see if any sql.php files had recent 
> dates.  Some did (eg. tuba) but surfing over to horde.org's cvs gui I
> found that no change to those tables are required.  So I'm curious, 
> rather than poke around in this manner, is there a specific place we're 
> supposed to look for database changes. (note, I don't subscribe to the 
> various horde lists because the volume of mail is simply too 
> overwhelming - I would rather watch MARC archives, posted announcements 
> on the main website, etc.)

If you are going to use code right out of CVS, you should monitor the 
cvs at lists.horde.org list, either via subscription or via MARC.


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Subject: Odd Session problems with Chora/Horde

Hello, I'm having problems with session cookies:

test.php works, the session counter increments as normal.

However, when a user (me) tries to log in, it lets me preform ONE task
only,then it drops me back to the login screen again. If I reenter the
password, it accepts the session then expires it.

I'm pulling my hair out over this ;)


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