help a newbie

Victor Pezo vpezo at
Tue Mar 26 13:22:47 PST 2002

Hi, I am a newbie in this so, I hope you could understand me and have some
time to help me.

I have one machine that is my mail server, but for a capacity reason, I have
to install the web mail program in another server. I have never work with
imap in my mail server, only with pop3 and smtp and sendmail. The new
server, the one that have linux RedHat 7.2 has all the package that
mentioned in the tutorial, and it all seems to be working ok at the part
"4.5 Test Horde". I could see the page of test.php and the page for
authentication /horde/mail, but only I can see them, because i cant
authenticate any user, but i think its ok at this point.
 So later I try to modificate the file registry.php in /horde/config, but
when i do this, if I uncomment the above lines, I lost all the pages that I
have test in the before lines. I think that is because imap started to have
the control of the authentication, but i am not sure.

$this->registry['auth']['login'] = 'imp';
$this->registry['auth']['logout'] = 'imp';

The doubt that i have is in what places should i replace the authentication
of imap for the authentication of pop3. I think that the lines would be the

$conf['auth']['driver'] = 'imap';
$conf['auth']['params'] = array();
$conf['auth']['params']['dsn'] = '{localhost/imap:143}INBOX';
$conf['auth']['driver'] = '';
$conf['auth']['params'] = array();
//$conf['auth']['params']['dsn'] = '{localhost/imap:143}INBOX';


$servers['imap'] = array(
    'name' => 'IMAP Server',
    'server' => 'localhost',
    'protocol' => 'imap',
    'port' => 143,
    'folders' => 'mail/',
    'namespace' => '',
    'maildomain' => '',
    'smtphost' => '',
    'realm' => '',
    'preferred' => 'true'
//comment all
and only uncomment
$servers['pop'] = array(
    'name' => 'POP3 Server',
    'server' => '',
    'protocol' => 'pop3',
    'port' => 110,
    'folders' => '',
    'namespace' => '',
    'maildomain' => '',
    'realm' => '',
    'preferred' => 'true'

Thanks in advance


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