Kill NS/IE And "Cookies vs Cookieless(url) sessions"

Albert Modderman Modderman at
Wed Mar 27 07:51:28 PST 2002


Using horde2.1RC1/IMP3RC1/turba1.1RC1 php4.1.2 and users very pleased.
(previous was the horde1x/imp2x)

Having a problem with the session registration.
Netscape(4.x) and IE(5.) both cookies enabled.
NS uses the cookies so the url stays short and no session id in the url.
IE seems to refuse it and put the id in the url.
This happens with all users, so the IE configurations is most likely
not the reason of this behaviour.
What to do/Where to look.

The next problem is that when a users quits, than often instead of
a proper logout the user kill's IE/NS just to be sure that he is
logged off. But in fact that is not the case.
Any user is able to restart the browser and continue that previous
IMP session without the logon. In the educational evironment with
many users on less systems is that a problem.
What to do/Where to look.

Thanks in advance

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