[horde] LDAP Prefs + Horde 3.0 + IMP 4.0 Prob

Joel Wiesmann joel at secuserv.ch
Mon May 20 11:28:21 PDT 2002

> Are you sure you're using the new horde.schema ?
> Have you manually add the "hordePerson" value to your objectClass attribute
> ?


horde.schema is from 2002/05/14 00:12:17
The entry I did for the ldap-directory was:
dn: dc=secuserv,dc=ch
objectclass: top

dn: cn=tr0nix,dc=secuserv,dc=ch
objectClass: hordePerson
sn: Joel Wiesmann
cn: mail
mail: tr0nix at secuserv.ch

I'm using the "manager" account (at the moment) to modify/add the
ldap-entries so it's like root on the ldap-dir..
BTW. I deleted the whole db, restarted the ldap-daemon and connected. The
first time there was no error msg, then, when I tried to change my settings
in "personal" there was the same error as I reported.

Greets and keep up the good work..
Joel Wiesmann

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