[horde] [ANN] Two new modules in the works ...

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Mon May 20 17:22:54 PDT 2002

Quoting "Marc G. Fournier" <scrappy at hub.org>:

> Due to internal requirements, I've tasked two of my programmers to make
> two new Horde modules ... one for Sieve filtering, and one for setting up
> Spamassassin preferences ... both I'm pushing to have "initial interfaces"
> ready by the end of this week ...

Sounds great!

> Chuck, I don't know/if its possible to get this included as part of the
> central CVS ... if so, do we just need to send you an initial tar file
> to import, and then send patches afterwards?

Yes, and yes. That'd be great!


Charles Hagenbuch, <chuck at horde.org>
My intuitive grasp of mathmatics often leads me astray.

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