[horde] Seg Faults in Apache2 (Horde FrmWrk - CVS)

Rodolfo Segleau segleaur at mechanus.org
Wed May 22 18:38:06 PDT 2002

> It sure did on mine.  I was amazed.  With configure, what ever you 
> normally use.  Just don't forget 
>  --with-mysql=/usr/local --with-gettext=/usr/local and  --with-imap
> I have a bad habit of throwing in too much:-)
> ed

Well, PHP4.2.1 did clear up the seg faults, but then I guess I was attributing 
the "cannot display error" in IE to the seg faults in Apache2. It hasn't helped 
with those pages. It's the same pages: when you first logon into IMP, when you 
try to access kronolith, after trying to logon in Gollem and the backend.php to 
Jonah. There are no errors in any of the logs. Strange. Any ideas? 



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